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Macular degeneration is the leading cause of irreversible severe vision loss and blindness.

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By 2050, it is projected that the incidence of diagnosed maculardegeneration will double to 22 million. The prevalence of this disease maybe more than we know. Recent reports reveal that approximately 25% of patients after having a dilated eye examination had macular degeneration that was undiagnosed. Sadly, by the time patients are diagnosed with macular degeneration, 78% have already suffered irreversible vision loss. Early detection of macular degeneration through a reliable eye care center with the latest diagnostic tools is essential to retaining healthy vision.

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Macular Degeneration

Testing Tools For Early Detection

Texas Macular Degeneration Associates, Inc. in coordination with the eye doctor’s Office offers the most advanced testing tool for early detection of macular degeneration: the AdaptDx.In addition to our technology, our optometrists, Dr. Bob Consor and Dr.Jennifer Nguyen, are part of a team of affiliated off-site ophthalmologists and retinal specialists associated with:
Texas Retina Associates and The Retina Foundation of the Southwest Dallas Texas

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