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Macular Degeneration Treatment & Prevention

Treatment for Macular Degeneration

Treatment should commence the moment an eye doctor first detects MD regardless of the stage it is in. What follows is part of the overall treatment plan:

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking and stay away from smoke-filled environments. Smoking increases your risk by two to five times and causes oxidative cellular damage that can contribute to the development of macular degeneration.

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Vitamins & Supplements

Take Nutritional Supplements prescribed by your Eye Doctor

Studies showed a beneficial effect of high doses of antioxidant vitamins (C, E, Lutein, Zeaxanthin) a low dose Zinc (25mg) supplementation and Omega 3 fatty acids. These supplements reduce cellular stress and oxidation caused by inflammation.


Exercise for 30 Minutes Five days a Week.

A body mass index of (BMI) greater than 30 has 2.5 times increased the risk of developing MD. Any exercise is good from brisk walking, yard work or going to a local gym. Just do something to increase your heart rate but be sure to check with your medical doctor first.

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Body Weight

Control your Body Weight and Eat Sensibly.

Intake a lot of green leafy vegetables (the greener the better), fruits, nuts, olive oil and healthy fats like eggs. A low-fat Mediterranean Diet is a good example (see below). A person with a body mass index greater than 30 has a 2.5 greater risk of developing macular degeneration.

Sun Glasses

Always Wear Sunglasses

Wear sunglasses outdoors, ultraviolet rays cause macular degeneration and other eye diseases.

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Visit Your Eye Doctor

Visit your Eye Doctor at least Once a Year or sooner if Advised

Control any medical diseases you are being treated for, as many diseases of the body carry an increased risk of macular degeneration.

Amsler Grid

If you were given an Amsler Grid by your eye doctor please use it as directed. It can help to detect early subtle changes in macular degeneration. Download Amsler Grid Here.

amsler grid

twirl blur

The Age Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) Home Monitoring of the Eye (HOME) Study compared a control group who was not given an Amsler Grid and the other group was given the grid to monitor their macular degeneration between office visits. They concluded that patients who did not use an Amsler grid to monitor their macular degeneration between office visits had a 3 times greater incidence of lost best corrected visual acuity and larger areas of choroidal neovascular leakage in the macula (blood vessel leakage in the macula) than the group that monitored with the Amsler grid. Those who used an Amselr grid and noticed any changes in the appearance of the grid contacted their doctor and consequently received treatment earlier.

macular degeneration treatment in Dallas, TXmacular degeneration treatment in Dallas, TX

Normal Distortion form Macular Degeneration

Blue Blocker lenses
Dr. Bob Consor & Dr. Jennifer Nguyen prescribe Blue Blocker anti-reflection treatment for many prescription lenses to help protect you from the low wavelength (400-495nm) blue portion of the visual spectrum emitted by LED screens that can cause damage to the macular, cause visual disturbances and eye fatigue Studies indicate that blue light exposure has a role in the cause of macular degeneration from damage to the rod photoreceptors..

There are non-modifiable risk factors that still should be considered—namely genetics. Genetic testing is currently available and being refined to identify and manage macular degeneration earlier. Knowing the outcome of treatments of relatives who have had MD will better prepare eye doctors to treat other family members. We plan to soon offer genetic screenings. We also work with and refer patients to the Retina Foundation of the Southwest in Dallas for research and management in select cases.

Eye Injections
(Anti-VEGF Therapy) are reserved for a severe advanced form of macular degeneration called wet macular degeneration. Although often times beneficial for some patients to stop the inflammation and minimize the growth of unwanted blood vessels in the macular area, Injections are currently used in select cases. Our office works closely with retinal specialists at Texas Retina Associates of Dallas in the medical management of wet macular degeneration.

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