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Macular Degeneration Surgery

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The macula is part of the retina, the back part of the eye. Often, as one ages and suffers from macular degeneration, the retina deteriorates to a point that may lead to profound central vision loss. While our eye doctors at Eye Doctor's Office and Eye Gallery utilize the latest technology to prevent and detect early signs of macular degeneration, unfortunately, some patients may still require surgery or invasive procedures to treat their advanced macular degeneration.

What Are the Surgical Treatments For Macular Degeneration?

Laser photocoagulation for macular degeneration

While there’s no macular degeneration treatment that can restore vision entirely or cure macular degeneration, early treatment can slow the progress of the disease. For example, retinal specialists may utilize laser photocoagulation to coagulate tissue, which would destroy or seal off abnormal blood vessels and prevent leakage. Although this can solve part of the problem of vision loss, small retinal scars can occur, resulting in blind spots in a patient’s visual field.

Visudyne photodynamic therapy for macular degeneration

A safer, newer form of treatment called Visudyne photodynamic therapy involves an injection in the arm. The drug is then stimulated by low-energy laser beams in the eye. This functions similar to laser photocoagulation, where the drug can destroy unhealthy blood vessels and slow the progression of macular degeneration.

Natural treatments for macular degeneration

Our eye doctors help treat macular degeneration patients by identifying the correct formula of vitamins they need to reduce the risk of vision loss naturally. AREDS2 vitamins are widely used to provide the right nutrients, such as lutein and zeaxanthin, that research has shown to slow macular degeneration progression.

macular degeneration treatment in Dallas, TX

Plus, for patients with severe vision loss, low vision aids that use special lenses or electronic systems can be used to magnify their vision. In many cases, patients with vision loss have been able to continue driving (in some states) by utilizing telescopes as part of their eyewear.

Although eye doctors and retinal specialists are researching other techniques similar to Visudyne photodynamic therapy to treat macular degeneration, the clearest way to prevent vision loss is by visiting an eye care professional in Dallas, TX yearly, who can adequately check your eyes for signs of macular degeneration.

At , we specialize in diagnosing eye conditions and diseases through our expertise, technology, and compassion for our patients’ eye health. We strive to provide every patient with the most comprehensive and accurate report of their eye health so that they can enjoy clear vision throughout their entire lives.

We have a very close relationship with a group of retinal specialists in Dallas for over 40 years. A number of these specialists primarily work with the macula, and any patient that we sense has a high risk of wet macular degeneration, we’ll send over to the retinal specialists to begin advanced treatments like injections. While most patients can avoid wet macular degeneration, we acknowledge that all primary eye care doctors must work closely with retinal specialists who are in a position to provide surgical care.

macular degeneration treatment in Dallas, TX

Retinal specialists who specialize in macular degeneration treatment are simply too busy to treat patients with dry macular degeneration that requires little to no medical intervention. Not only due to a shortage of retinal specialists, but they prefer a qualified optometrist to manage dry macular degeneration patients in order to slow down the progression, thereby reducing the chances of vision loss through lifestyle changes.

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