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Glaucoma is an eye disease resulting in the death of optic nerve fibers that eventually results in the loss of visual field of vision (peripheral vision) and if not detected early and treated results in blindness. Usually glaucoma has no symptoms.

Over 5 million Americans are blind from glaucoma. Glaucoma is the second overall leading cause of blindness in the United States. The symptoms of glaucoma are virtually non-existent and the disease has often been referred to as the Silent Thief of Vision. With the exception of narrow angle glaucoma often referred to as acute angle closure glaucoma, the majority of glaucoma is without symptoms.

The risk factors for and causes of glaucoma are family history, age (over 40), nearsighted, African American, Hispanic, diabetic and hypertensive. Please remember glaucoma can happen to anyone even if you don’t fit the profile. If you have a first degree relative with glaucoma you chances of inheriting the disease is nine times greater.

We use to think that glaucoma was high intraocular eye pressure. Now we know that it’s a multi factorial disease. Some of the reasons and causes beyond high pressure in the eye are poor blood supply to the nerves, genetic and the unknown. Studies are taking place in Universities all over the world to attempt to identify the causes of glaucoma. A recent study in China points to tight neckties cutting off the blood supply to the upper head area resulting in nerve damage and glaucoma. We have much to learn.


The OCT instrument is the latest in digital technology. It measures nerve thickness and allows for the earliest detection of glaucoma.

By the time you notice a visual field loss it’s probably too late. Other than a rare episode of pain the only way you can experience the subjective consequences of glaucoma is by virtue of you noticing a loss of peripheral vision. What I am stressing here is the importance of early detection through annual eye health examinations The Optometrists and Ophthalmologists at the Eye Doctor’s Office in Dallas are glaucoma specialists. Our doctors are Optometric Glaucoma Specialists and have the knowledge, experience and technology to detect this disease early, way before you will ever notice it and if necessary treat the disease.

At The Eye Doctor’s Office in Dallas Texas, we have new OCT imaging technology that allows us to detect Glaucoma before it causes a visual field defect. Annual preventative eye examinations are the key to early detection.

Glaucoma treatment for the most part is the prescribing of eye drops to either decrease the production of fluid in the eye and or enhance the outflow. It’s not that simple in that some cases require surgery but that is not the rule. See your Eye Doctor annually he or she will evaluate your optic nerve, visual field and eye pressure and determine if you are at risk for the disease.

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