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Dry Eyes


Dry eyes can cause symptoms of grittiness, scratchiness, burning, red eyes, foreign body sensation and blurred vision and yes, watering of the eyes.

Dry eye is a result of either not enough production of tears (a quantity problem) or poor mixture of tear components (a quality of tear problem) Dry eye symptoms can vary from mild to very severe depending on the cause.

Some causes of dry eye to mention a few are:

  • Age and hormonal changes
  • Genetics
  • Menopause
  • Medications for example certain medication like antihistamines, birth control pills, antidepressant medications, blood pressure medications
  • Climate and environments of low humidity, airplanes and wind
  • Medical conditions like arthritis, thyroid disease, autoimmune conditions
  • Contact lens related dry eye due to an improper fit or poor wearing / hygiene habits
  • Post refractive surgery and post Lasik related dry eye. As a rule most people experience dry eyes after Lasik so if you have dry eye before lasik it needs to be treated first before surgery.
  • Incomplete eyelid closure while sleeping. You might try sleeping with a sleeping mask.
  • After Lasik or Refractive the most common side effect of Lasik / Refractive eye surgery. dry eyesDry eye treatment can be a simple as using over the counter artificial tears throughout the day. On occasion The Optometrists and Ophthalmologists at the the Eye Doctor’s Office in Dallas are experts and specialize in the detection and treatment of dry eyes. Dr. Consor may prescribe anti-inflammatory eye drops along with reversible closure of the tear ducts with punctal plugs to slow down the drainage of your natural tears. We have added some links to this sight for you to review under the topic Dry Eyes. There are two new eye drop products, Restasis and FreshKote that is working well for many of our patients. Restasis increases tear production as well as improves tear quality. A change in your environment can be of benefit. Look out for drafts from fans and vents. Adding a humidifier to your room, proper blinking as well a well balanced diet and the consumption Omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil and Flax Seed oil and drinking a lot of water has been shown to help with dry eye along with hot compresses against the closed eye lids and lid scrubs. Call us for any appointment with our Dallas Optometrists for a dry eye treatment.

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