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Advanced Technology



Allows your optometrist to photograph the inside of the eye inclusive of blood vessels, nerves and retina for diagnosis and future comparison of eye diseases related to diabetes, high blood pressure neurological disorders and other medical conditions. A picture gives us the unique diagnostic experience to detect eye disease earlier and monitor the back of the eyes for changes each year you return for your examination. These photographs begin to tell a story and assist the doctor in the early detection and management of disease.



Maps out the shape of the cornea, the window of the eye using over 8000 points. The colored contour map that is instantly produced gives us information about the health and integrity of the cornea for contact lens fitting, pre and post refractive surgery evaluation (LASIK) and diseases like keratoconus.




gdx instrument (1)GDX

For early detection of glaucoma a serious disease that causes no symptoms and can steal your vision away slowly and painlessly.






Measures the thickness of the cornea and allows the doctor to calculate the settings on the laser for Lasik and other corneal surgeries.





The latest in digital imaging technology. The OCT painlessly without radiation scans and performs cross sections of the layers of the eye including the macular, optic nerve fibers, cornea and other structures. It scans and performs a density count of the million or more optic nerve fibers allowing your Dallas optometrist to detect Glaucoma, neurological disease and optic nerve damage much earlier than ever before. Early detection prevents blindness.



State of the art plotting of the field of vision allowing the eye doctor to detect blind spots in the field of view that may be related to neurological disease like multiple sclerosis, retinal detachment, glaucoma and vascular disease. We also receive referrals from plastic surgeons so that we can document field defects related to droopy eyelids for insurance purposes.



This instrument in less then one minute scans your eye with a harmless laser and tells us what your glasses prescription is with 90% plus accuracy with out you saying a word. Excellent for infants, children, the elderly or indecisive.

Our optometrists now prescribe the new iZon High Resolution Lens that gives you superior optics and quality vision or as they call it WOW Vision.





eyeexams6One of our three fully equipped state of the art comfortable examination rooms.


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