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Someone will be at our office answering phone calls Mon-Fri 10 AM-2 PM to assist you for the following services

1) Purchasing CONTACT LENSES
If you’re running out of lenses or your prescription is about to expire please call 214-361-1300 between the hours of 10-2 or visit our contact lens web-store at

Picking up glasses or inquiries on the status of your eyeglass order. If you’re picking up, when you arrive we will provide curbside service.

If you have a prescription and are in urgent need to get a new or replacement pair of eyeglasses we can schedule an appointment for you to come to the office. We are limiting this service to one patient /customer at a time.

If you are running out of a medication please contact us and we can transmit a refill electronically to your pharmacy.

4) For emergent and urgent eye conditions, we will first try to triage your condition over the phone call and in situations that may require a visit to the office, do our best to see you.

CALL 214-361-1300

With sincerest wishes for your continued good health we remain at your service,

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Call Us (833) 815-2020

Call Us (833) 815-2020

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The Answer for Patients with Presbyopia and Astigmatism

Patient with Presbyopia and Astigmatism


An astounding 32 million Americans (over 10% of the population!) have both presbyopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. Until now, they had very few options for wearing contact lenses which would give them both great vision and comfort. Many would resort to wearing inadequate contact lenses which would correct their distance vision, and putting on reading glasses over those lenses when needed.

This year, Bausch + Lomb has addressed this issue by introducing ULTRA® Multifocal for Astigmatism contact lenses. This brand-new soft contact lens was designed to address the needs of patients who would like an alternative to multifocal glasses, but also have astigmatism. The contact lenses do a great job of correcting those patients’ vision while still giving them maximum comfort. Many patients can wear the lenses all day long.

If you are farsighted and have astigmatism, we want to help you see your best, and look your best. We can fit you for the new Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® Multifocal for Astigmatism contact lenses, supply you with them, and even teach you how to easily apply them. Call us at 833-815-2020 for more information, or click here to set up an appointment.

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