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School is starting again. For many families, that means long to-do lists involving new school supplies, school clothes and uniforms, packed lunches, scheduling concerns, and more. Whether you have one child or several, you've probably got a lot to do as the school year begins. Are eye exams on your back-to-school list? Getting your child's eyes checked before school starts should be an essential bullet point on your to-do list. Back-to-school eye exams will help your child at school in myriad ways.


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Significant vision changes happen when kids are preteens. Even if your child already has glasses, a prescription can change enough between one school year and the next that your child will have a hard time seeing the front of the classroom and the teacher. Have your eye care professional check your child's prescription before school starts, because school vision screenings often aren't enough.


Uncorrected or badly corrected vision problems can cause headaches and blurred vision. Over the summer, your kid might not notice vision problems as much because he or she isn't straining to see the blackboard or doing a lot of close reading. But when the school year starts, having to focus on the board or holding reading material too close to the face can cause headaches and blurred vision. Let your child focus on learning without having to worry about the discomfort associated with eye strain.


Trouble with close vision makes it harder for your child to focus on school work and reading assignments. Kids who have problems seeing close up might use their finger to track the words they're reading, use one eye to see, or get too close to the page. If you notice your child exhibiting any of these behaviors, it's time to get a back-to-school eye exam to avoid any issues getting homework and classwork done. Even if your child reads fine right now, slight vision problems might already exist. Get those taken care of before significant problems develop that could disrupt your child's ability to concentrate at school.


Eye exams aren't just for addressing vision problems. When you take your child to the eye doctor, you set a precedent for the years to come: that eye health is important and needs consistent monitoring. Though most children have healthy eyes, problems may be starting even at a young age. Only an eye doctor will be able to screen for eye health issues and advise you of any risks your children may exhibit. It's especially important that you take your kids for back-to-school eye exams each year if your family is genetically predisposed to any eye health issues.

Ensuring that your child is prepared for the start of a new school year involves more than new school supplies and saying hello to some new teachers. Eye exams are vital to success in school, because undiagnosed vision problems will hinder your child's ability to do his or her best work on homework and exams. If you haven't already made an appointment for your child's eye exam, do so today.

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