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From falling leaves to pumpkin patches, autumn presents us with so many beautiful sights to enjoy! You want to be sure that your kids can see it all crystal-clear. On top of that, back-to-school time is just the right time for kids to get eye exams. Even if there appears to have been no vision problems over the summer, kids’ eyes are changing right along with their growing bodies, so frequent eye exams are essential.


back to school eye examsPhoto via Flickr by Tammra McCauley

According to the American Optometric Association, about a quarter of school-aged children will experience some type of vision problem. That’s a lot of kids who may suffer if they don’t receive proper and regular eye care, which includes eye examinations. Furthermore, a good 80 percent of learning that the average student experience is through sight. To be fully prepared to take on all the joys and challenges of a new school year, you need to be sure your children have healthy vision that allows them to thrive.


Before children head back to the classroom, having their eyes checked and getting new glasses, if needed, will ensure that they are able to see the dry-erase board and computer presentations without difficulty. Eye exams can also ensure that children can see well enough to read and do their homework without straining their eyes. If a child has trouble seeing, the frustration he or she feels may not be something that he or she immediately understands, yet it can lead to problems with schoolwork and ultimately lower grades. It can have an impact on how much the child is learning, and that is entirely preventable when you get back-to-school eye exams for your children.


Children today experience a huge amount of screen time that’s unlike the learning experiences of previous generations. With children spending hours each day looking at the screen of a computer, television, smartphone, tablet, or other electronic device, some eye health professionals are growing concerned simply because the long-term impact on vision that all this screen time has is largely unknown. In addition to learning practices, such as looking away from the screen every 20 minutes, children need a back-to-school eye exam to make sure that their vision isn't currently compromised or that they don’t need glasses or other treatments for the well-being of their eyes and vision


If children have already had some sort of vision problems in the past, it’s especially important that they have back-to-school eye exams. The most common vision problems for kids are myopia and nearsightedness. Some kids simply have mild problems with eye tracking or eye coordination. Getting these identified and seeking treatment can prevent injury and help kids safely participate in sports without risking injuries. Keep in mind that there is no time quite like the back-to-school time of late summer and early fall to ensure that your kids have optimal eye health. By making sure your children will be prepared to take on all the challenges in the new school year by seeing clearly, you can empower them to thrive inside and outside the classroom.

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