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Whether you subscribe to the idea that the devil's in the details or the accessories make the outfit, there's no denying that at the moment, eyewear is one of the hottest trends. Both men and women recognize the value of a cool pair of frames, regardless of whether they're sunglasses or specs. If it's time for a new pair, the wise wearer should consider the biggest trends for frames, along with details like facial shape and favorite color, to find glasses that are both fashionable and functional.



While this trend appeals more to women than men, either gender can easily pull off one of the year's most popular looks for glasses. Bold, vivid colors are all the rage, but this trend is two-fold. For sunglasses, vibrant lenses are the selling point. Colorful lenses of red, yellow, purple, or blue can both protect the eyes from UV rays and draw attention to the wearer. Not quite sure about wearing bright shades? That's not a problem, as darker, smoked lenses in unexpected colors are just as popular. The color trend continues with equally bright frames. Dazzling Crayola colors are currently selling big. This trend works for eyeglasses or sunglasses and the color choices are virtually endless. If you don't like primary hues like red or blue, then consider eye-catching prints or darker variations of popular colors, such as plum, burgundy, or navy.



Image via Flickr by Artotem

Here is yet another area where the tortoise always beats the hare. Tortoiseshell frames for both sunglasses and eyeglasses are back in a chic, stylish way. The trend is fully unisex, because not only does it look good on both women and men, it also appeals to either gender. The options range from round sunglasses to attractive horn rims that are ideal for daily wear. The tortoiseshell design has a tendency to make anyone feel like they belong on the set of “Mad Men,” and who doesn't want to look like Don Draper?



Image via Flickr by karolina lusikova

Oversized sunglasses aren't going anywhere. The look made popular by style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O is one of the most enduring sunglasses trends ever. In this past, women preferred this look more than men but times are a-changing and these days even stylish guys are more than willing to slip on a pair of big, dramatic shades. It's effortless to combine oversized frames with many other trends as well, so it's worthwhile to play around and look for something that incorporates more than one hot look.



Image via Flickr by Clara

You see ombre clothes, hair, and home decor, so it's no surprise that the variegated color trend has finally made its way into eyewear. It lends itself well to women or men, shades or spectacles, frames or lenses, and there are so many colors available. Find frames that fade from black to gray to white or choose ombre purple, blue, or red. Go with neutrals or choose an entirely unexpected palette. Either way, your knowledge of the latest go-to look is readily visible, right on your face. When it comes down to it, you have to choose the frames that look good on you, regardless of color or style. Still, aren't you at least a little eager to try some new and up-to-the-minute designer eyeglasses?

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