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Some of the world's most iconic fashions come from equally iconic films, as is the case with Wiley X sunglasses seen in the Oscar-winning film American Sniper. Predictably, although the featured model has a name – the Saint – the protective glasses are already more widely known as American Sniper shades. Bradley Cooper made them look cool, but their existing benefits promise to make them even more iconic than the aviators Tom Cruise sported in Top Gun.


Wiley X shades are practically flying off the shelves, especially the Saint model, but before rushing to buy a pair, it pays to know the key details. Cooper's glasses featured the CHSAI04 color, but these shades actually have interchangeable lenses. Standard, you get matte black frames along with both grey and clear lenses. The frames also come in glossy black or white, with lens combinations that include rust/amber, polarized green, and mirrored blue. Wiley X sunglasses also have shatterproof lenses. Because eye protection is crucial, it's important to choose sunglasses that block UV rays. The sunglasses block 100 percent of all ultraviolet rays. They meet the OSHA rating for protective eyewear, and they are ANSI certified, so they meet the standard for optical performance and impact. They also meet the standard for GL-PD 10-12 MCEP.


sniperImage via Flickr by Elvert Barnes What do all those specs mean? Simply put, Wiley X sunglasses will protect your eyes from any number of potential hazards, no matter what you do while you're wearing them. As seen in the movie, they're perfect for women and men in the armed services, as well as police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and anyone who works with or around ballistics. Basically, these are safety glasses that also happen to look extraordinarily cool. There's a reason the folks behind the scenes wanted Bradley Cooper to wear them while playing Chris Kyle. Anyone who works in manufacturing, automotive repair, or construction can wear them for protection. They're a solid choice for athletes who play contact sports as well. However, they're likewise the perfect shades if you're simply spending a lot of time outdoors, especially when the sun is at its brightest. In all of these situations, protective sunglasses are essential for promoting eye health.


All Wiley X models have benefits that promote safety, in addition to making you look casually cool. In terms of appearance, people love the interchangeable lenses. It's not often you run across sunglasses that let you tailor them to your needs and taste. One of the main benefits is the actual quality of the lenses. To say they're shatterproof doesn't even begin to explain how much trauma they can withstand. If you have special eye-care needs, such as the desire for photochromic lenses or specific colors, you'll find dozens of options. Not only will they protect your eyes from UV radiation, but you can also do your job without worrying about flying debris, the glare of the sun, or high-impact damage. There's little question that these are the next big thing in fashionable eyewear in Dallas. Will they be your next iconic pop culture purchase? Schedule an appointment at our Designer Eye Wear Gallery now to see for yourself.

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