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Any Dallas optometrist or contact-lens wearer will tell you: there are just certain things you want to avoid doing if you’re going to wear contacts. The first thing you need to do is to get the right prescription from your doctor, learn how to put them in, and then follow these six simple guidelines.

  1. Over-using the lens: Contact lenses won’t last forever. Most last a month, and one of the first things you’ll learn about your lenses is how long to wear them. If you wear them longer than you should, they’ll be harder to handle and wear.
  2. Dirty hands: Wash. Your. Hands. To wear contacts comfortably, you need to be sure they’re completely clean, so you need to ensure there are no foreign contaminants on your hands while you’re handling them. If you don’t, you might transfer particles to the lens, and wind up with what feels like a boulder rubbing against your eye.
  3. Wet hands: Don’t forget to dry your hands. Contacts cling to the wettest thing touching them, so they’ll probably stick to wet fingers before dry eyes. Along with that, be sure you don’t wear your lenses while swimming. They’ll float away and you’ll never find them.
  4. Take care of them: If you don’t take care of your lenses properly, they’re not going to last. They’ll become uncomfortable and harder to wear faster.
  5. Dirty cases: Keep your case clean. The easiest thing to do is rinse it regularly with warm water and soap and dry it well.
  6. Sleeping: Don’t sleep with your lenses in. When you sleep, your eyes move and roll around. If a lens moves along the surface of your eye and into the wrong position, you are very likely to develop dangerous eye infections.

Realistically speaking, contact lenses are easier for many people to deal with than eyeglasses. If you take the proper precautions, you’ll be able to wear them comfortably for years and enjoy perfect sight without worrying about losing your glasses.

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