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How To Keep Your Eyes HealthyIf you are thinking about the things your mother used to tell you about your eyes when you are a kid, we will not be covering those in this blog. Instead, we are going to take a closer look at a few things you might not have heard are bad for your eyes. Why? Well, they simply are not things anyone would typically talk about in common conversation. And that is exactly what makes them very interesting. Ready?

  1. Rubbing your Eyes When you Feel Something in Them It’s natural that the moment you feel something in your eye, you try to rub it out. This is actually bad for your eyes. Studies have proved that rubbing of your eyes can induce astigmatism and cause Keratoconus a disease that thins the cornea and causes it to bulge. You could also risk scratching your cornea or worse if ‘the thing in your eye’ is gritty or sandy. Instead, give your eye time to water and try to eliminate the debris. Typically, with a few tears, whatever is making you flinch will naturally wash right out.
  2. UV Exposure from Sunlight Wearing sunglasses and sun block does not just help your skin (especially the tender skin around your eyes.) It also helps your eye stay healthy for longer. Sunglasses are like sun block for your eyes. Fact is children’s eyes are more susceptible to damage from the sun because their eyes have less pigmentation. Research suggests that those with light colored eyes, especially, are more prone to develop cataracts if they get too much exposure to UV rays. That is just one more reason to block up, isn’t it?
  3. Not Wearing Eye Protection for Everyday Activities Trauma to the eye is a very real issue. From weed whacking a poison ivy plant to getting poked in the eye with a stick, you should always wear eye protection while working outdoors. This applies to mowing the lawn, chopping wood or other activities where debris can fly at speeds over 100 MPH from a lawn mower or weed eater into your eye and cause a puncture or tear. You’re better off looking like a scientist now than a pirate for weeks to come.
  4. Side Effects from Smoking Cigarettes If you smoke, your eyes are just one more casualty of tobacco combustion. Smoking increases your risk of suffering from cataracts and retinal disease. And since it affects your circulation, your eyes also miss out on some of the healthy nutrients they need. The other issue with smoking, of course, is that it worsens pre-existing conditions. Macular degeneration,for one, can be worsened overtime by smoking.
  5. Overuse of Screens and Computers While you will often see this listed as a myth, computers are still bad for your eyes – just not in the way you would expect. Staring at a screen causes the eye to dry out. You blink less when you are looking at a computer. Excessive viewing of a computer screen without taking periodic breaks and looking off in the distance for a few moments to relax your eye muscles can cause myopia (nearsightedness). Dry eyes are not lubricated as often, causing eyestrain. Add to this that fluids keep your eye healthy and you will soon realize exactly why all those hours of screen time are not just making us overweight – they are ruining our eyes too.

The fact of the matter is the eyes are often overlooked as a vital part to healthy living. Not anymore, because now that you know what’s bad for your eyes, you can take action towards your eye care.

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