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Dallas Contacts Lenses / Contact Lenses Dallas

AcuvueWe Fit Just About Every Contact Lens Available / Our Doctor's Specialize in Contact Lenses

Our Dallas eye doctors, specialize in difficult to fit cases and utilize a corneal Topographer, the latest in fitting technology that  measures 9000 sites on the cornea (window of your eye) for the most precise design of your contact lens. The topographer gives us a color scale map similar to a ground map that a pilot sees when flying over mountains. In addition our Dallas contact lens exam is conducted by eye doctors, Optometrists that are certified in contact lenses by the National Eye Research Foundation, American Optometric Association, associate members in the Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists and Paragon CRT lens for Orthokeratology.

Same Day Contacts

AlconWe have an extensive inventory of contact lenses and most of our patients leave with contact lenses THE SAME DAY as their exam.

Need A Replacement Lens?

Chances are we have the lens you need in stock for that last minute emergency / urgency replacement !!!

Try Them before You Buy Them

Baush and LombWhile you are having your eyes examined we will at no charge if you request put on a pair of contacts on your eyes to let you experience the vision and comfort. It makes going in to the Eye Gallery to choose glasses much clearer :)

If you are interested in contact lenses let us know and in addition to your eye health evaluation we will perform a contact lens exam to see if your eyes are suitable for contact lenses and determine lenses that are best for your individual needs.

Video Tutorial Links

For Insertion and Removal of Soft Contact Lenses

CooperVisionBelow are links for two sets of instructions for contact lens insertion and removal. For a video tutorial please click on the below links.

Some Of The Contact Lens Brands Available

Dailies Total 1Soft Lenses

  • Ciba: Air Optics Aqua, Air Optics Night & Day, Cooper Biofinity, Air Optics Colors, Dailies Total 1 One Day Contacts, Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus
  • Johnson & Johnson: Acuvue Oasys One Day Hydrolux T & One Day Moist
  • Johnson & Johnson: Acuvue Toric, Acuvue Advanced Astigmatism, Acuvue Oasys
  • Cooper Vision: Proclear, Biofinity, Clarity, Freshlook, Freshlook Colors
  • Bausch & Lomb: Purevision 2

We specialize in  Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

  • Boston
  • Menicon
  • Paragon
  • Paragon CRT Lens


Is the art and science of designing and fitting gas permeable contact lenses to sleep over night. Painlessly the corneas are flatten so that when you wake up after at least six hours of sleep you have clear vision and do not need to wear glasses or contact throughout the day. It’s an excellent alternative to Lasik surgery or children who are developing myopia in that these is evidence that this lens design prevents the progression of nearsightedness in some cases.

Paragon CRTDr. Consor and Dr. Nguyen are both certified to fit the Paragon CRT Orthokeratology lens.

We also specialize in fitting Bifocal Contact Lenses, Lenses for keratoconus, Post Surgical refractive surgery-Lasik -Rk lenses and Toric Astigmatism lenses

The above materials are available in the following designs and wearing programs:

  • Disposable Contact Lens Dallas
  • One day replacement
  • One week replacement
  • Two week replacement
  • One Month Replacement
  • Daily wear
  • Extended wear
  • Astigmatic (toric) design
  • Tinted to enhance or change your eye color
  • Bifocal contacts

Special Designs For:

    Keratoconus    Corneal transplants       After RK surgery        Dry eyes     Improved vision Paragon CRT lens - Orthokeratology




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