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Here at The Eye Doctor’s Office & Eye Gallery, we know that glasses work both to improve your vision and to complement your personal style. That's why we carry unique eyewear brands and give you the attention you need to find the right pair for you.

If you've never heard of Airlock frames before, you need to come see this exciting and versatile frame collection. The design options Airlock offers are unlike any other eyewear brand. The fit is unparalleled, and if you've been looking for a hard-to-find rimless style, chances are you can get that style with Airlock.

All About Airlock Frames

When you're ready to add to your visual wardrobe, take a look in our Dallas Eye Gallery at our Airlock frame collection. These designer frames are unique and can be customized making your personal design a one of a kind frame. Airlock frames are also light weight and once you try on a pair you will feel how comfortable they are.

Top eyewear maker Marchon crafts the Airlock line of frames. Marchon is known for producing glasses for well-known designers like Calvin Klein, Nike, and Lacoste. The same designer sensibility and upscale care that goes into these luxury brands go into each pair of Airlock frames.

Mix and Match Creates Truly Unique Styles

When you choose Airlock glasses, you create bespoke rimless frames that nobody else has. Start with the lens shape that fits your face perfectly. Airlock offers a wide variety of lens options, from traditional circles to modern squares to a lot of other shapes. If you want the shape of Texas we can do! Then, you pick the perfect bridge to fit on your nose comfortably, and finally the proper length of temples (side pieces) to fit over your ears.

There are so many frame colors available. Perhaps you gravitate toward subdued colors and traditional styles. Maybe you'd rather have something modern, with patterns in playful and bright colors. You can do all of these things with Airlock. Depending on how you mix and match all your eyewear components, you might mix some very unexpected style elements. Think about traditional with an edge or retro with a modern twist. These could be your frames.

Eyeglasses Crafted With Quality and Care

Airlock takes the sports angle when designing these rimless frames. Instead of using screws to hold the frames together, Airlock uses pressure instead. These glasses are made to last because the pressure design also means that your glasses have a smaller chance of sustaining damage or needing adjustments. Spending your money on a pair of Airlock frames is a sound investment in your vision.

The next time you visit us to get your eyes examined be sure to visit our Eye Gallery and our sample the Airlock frame collection. Your mix and match options are not limited to what is on display in our showroom. All you have to do is imagine the lens shape, the color of the frame and we can custom design and craft the perfect uniquely you Airlock frame.

Fall brings a lot of fun, with Halloween bringing loads of it.

But did you know that some Halloween practices could harm your vision? Take Halloween contacts for instance. They are wildly fun with everything to monster eyes, goblin eyes, cat eyes, sci-fi or a glamour look. If properly fit by an eye care professional, they can be just the added touch you need for that perfect costume. However, some people do not realize that the FDA classifies contact lenses as a medical device that can alter cells of the eye and that damage can occur if they are not fit properly.

Infection, redness, corneal ulcers, hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the eye) and permanent blindness can occur if the proper fit is not ensured. Another concern that ICE, FTC, and FDA have are the illegal black market contacts that come into the country unchecked. Proper safety regulations are strictly adhered to by conventional contact lens companies to insure that the contact lenses are sterile and packaged properly and...

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The Eye Doctor's Office & Eye Gallery


Rethink the way you wear eyeglasses and sunglasses. They perform the essential functions of helping you see and protecting your eyes. You look through them all day, so shouldn't you look good while doing that? A pair of designer glasses from Tom Ford might be just the look-booster you need to take your everyday fashion to the next level.

Tom Ford Glasses Are High Fashion

Designer Tom Ford worked in fashion for decades before launching his own eyewear brand in 2005. When you look at a pair of Tom Ford eyeglasses, you can see that high fashion background in the details of the frames. Glasses sit at the center of your face, framing your eyes and setting off your features. You wear this accessory every day because you need to see, so make sure it's high quality and fashionable. After all, glasses can be the boldest statement piece you wear, because they sit across your nose where everyone can admire them.

Why We Adore Glasses by Tom Ford

Optical glasses from Tom Ford have a distinctly vintage feel. When you come to the Eye Gallery in Dallas to check out Tom Ford frames, you'll discover lots of throwback details sprinkled in these flawless designs. Circular lenses, thick black frames, and cat-eye shapes pepper the Tom Ford Collection. Other details, from simple wire rims to sexy colored or translucent plastic, turn each pair of Tom Ford glasses into a statement that shows off your beautiful eyes.

If you've never worn eyeglasses as a fashion statement before, we can help. When you stop by to try on Tom Ford eyeglasses, remember that high fashion is at the heart of this brand. These glasses are meant to look like a statement, but they're also designed to bring out the best features of your face. These are not plain glasses that nobody will notice, which might take some getting used to. We're confident you'll discover a pair that brings out the beautiful color of your eyes or shape of your face.

Iconic Sunglasses People Will Recognize

Deck your eyes in sunglasses the stars love to wear, whether you need prescription lenses or not. Tom Ford eyeglasses are recognizable thanks to a few key details you'll find in some of the pairs. A cross-front sunglasses design , where the two eye frames make an X over the nose instead of a bridge, is an iconic Tom Ford design choice. Where stem meets lens holder, you'll often find a little metal T wrapping around the side of the frame.

Tom Ford sunglasses feature notable fashions, like open cut sides of the glasses and metal detailing on the glasses stems. Each pair has a tiny design detail at the end tip, too.

We stock many Tom Ford eyeglasses and sunglasses at the Eye Gallery. Stop in today to see how you look in a pair of these haute frames. A finely crafted pair of glasses that fit your face flawlessly will have everyone subtly wondering what's different about you.

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