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Considering that you may wear your eyeglasses during all or most of your waking hours, it's important to take your time when choosing a new pair and make sure your eyewear suits the way you look. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do that is to pick out glasses that are appropriate for your face shape. Below, we'll go over numerous ways you can do that.

Study Your Face Shape After Getting Out of the Shower

Like many people, you might not have considered which type of face you have. The next time you take a shower, clear the steam buildup from the bathroom mirror and pull your hair back from your face. Then, take a picture of your reflection in the mirror and use it as guidance while learning about your face shape.

Visit a website that shows examples of various face shapes . After checking out that resource, plus studying the picture you took of yourself, it should be easier to determine if you have a heart-shaped face, a round one, or another type.

Bring a Friend With You to Try on Glasses

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It's sometimes difficult to have an objective opinion when trying on glasses. Because you're so accustomed to the way your face looks, you may not notice things that a friend or another person you trust would spot right away. That's why it's a good idea to see if a friend will come with you when you go shopping for glasses.

Be blunt with the person and simply say, "Does this pair make me look better or worse?" Then, expand on that question by finding out why. The answer the individual gives you may be surprising, but it could be the insight needed to buy a pair of glasses you truly love.

Pay Attention to the Position of Your Eyes in the Frame

When evaluating the different kinds of glasses you try on, it's also important to see if the shape of the frame gives an accurate perspective of your face. In other words, check to see if your eyes naturally appear in the middle of the frames rather than in an exaggeratedly high or low position. Being aware of your nose shape can also help since the nose pieces of some frames are more appropriate for certain nose structures than others.

Ideally, the glasses should stay in place on your nose when you move. If they do that, plus keep your eyes centered in the lenses, you're on your way to finding a flattering pair.

Pick Glasses That Contrast With Your Face Shape

Although it may seem like a counterintuitive tip, people who help individuals choose glasses frames say the most important thing to do is to choose options that are the opposite shape of your face . If you have trouble noticing the difference, start by trying on a pair that matches your face shape, then switch to accessories that contrast with it. The visual differences you see should make it obvious why the contrasting pair is more likely to flatter your face.

For more help with picking eyeglasses for your face shape, check out The Eye Doctor's glasses gallery . It's easier than you may think to find glasses you'll love to wear.

When a new year arrives, people typically make resolutions about improving their lives. One of the ways you can do that is by choosing to upgrade your eyewear in 2018. There are several reasons why that's a wise decision that could make you feel satisfied.

You May Need Reading Glasses or a New Distance Prescription

Perhaps you already wear glasses to see better at a distance. However, due to factors including the natural aging process, there may be a time when you discover it's also time to see an eye care professional about getting reading glasses. You may notice some telltale signs if that's the case, such as needing to hold reading material far away from your face to see it clearly.

Besides reading glasses, there's also the possibility that you need a stronger prescription. If you cannot remember the last time you visited the eye doctor or know it's been longer than a year, make plans to schedule an appointment in early 2018. If your prescription is wrong, you may not get the same amount of enjoyment you once did from doing activities like watching TV or reading. It also may become more difficult to drive, especially at night.

New Glasses Give You a Different Look

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If you've ever worn glasses frames for a Halloween party or other event that required wearing a costume, you know that certain styles of glasses can drastically change your look. That's why some people wear glasses frames with non-prescription lenses . It's easy to find glasses that are your favorite color or made from materials featuring a natural shine.

If you want an easy way to change your look without making a long-lasting change such as a hair color or cut, look no further than a pair of glasses. Before taking this route, have an eye exam and make sure you do not need corrective eyewear.

Upgraded Glasses Can Improve Your Self-Confidence

Maybe your current pair of glasses does not fit your face well and they draw attention to you in undesirable ways. Instead of just assuming you'll never look attractive while wearing glasses, realize that making positive changes to your perspective of yourself is as easy as getting more appropriate frames that match your style and preferences. Before going to pick out your new pair of glasses, make a list of the things you don't like about the glasses you have now.

Are you not happy with the shape or size? Perhaps you've grown tired of the color or would like to try a pair of metal frames instead of ones made from plastic. Take notes about all these factors, then bring your list with you while shopping. Then, it'll be easier to find a pair of glasses that suits your current needs and doesn't include all or most of the things you don't like about the eyewear you already own.

As you can see, 2018 is an ideal time to contact your local optometrist and invest in at least one new pair of glasses. Doing so could help you see better and make you feel more at ease in public.

Buying glasses is unlike buying any other accessory. You need them to perform two functions: correcting your vision and flattering your face. Finding the perfect frames that achieve both these goals can be quite difficult. Though frames can be a fashion accessory, you need them to match lots of outfits because you'll wear them every day. Nine West is a quality eyewear designer women depend on when they need eyeglasses. Because Nine West has been designing for women for almost 40 years, be confident that this brand knows how to flatter a woman's face with a simple pair of frames.

Choose Nine West for Fashionable Frames

Nine West has been in the fashion business since the 1970s . Beginning in New York City, the Nine West brand has grown to cover 65 countries. Nine West is known for women's fashion, including handbags, shoes, watches, scarves, and eyeglasses. Hallmarks of Nine West fashion include timelessness and femininity, making this brand a perfect match for women who need glasses that match many outfits, glasses for professional settings, and glasses to wear only when contacts aren't an option.

Shop for glasses by Nine West the way you look for dresses, scarves, or handbags. Try out different styles at The Eye Gallery until you find frames that suit your face. Then browse the color options. As a major world designer, Nine West almost always provides color options in eyeglass frames, the same way the brand offers multiple colors in shoes, handbags, and garments.

Go Classic or Modern, Loud or Understated

Though Nine West is known for being classic and feminine, you will find many style options when you view the Nine West Collection. From modern square shapes to retro cat-eyes, explore frame styles and lens sizes to find what suits your face. you might be surprised to discover that your apple cheeks look great paired with "geeky" frames , or that your baby blues are perfect behind a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles.

Tortoiseshell and black are color staples in the Nine West collection, yet you'll find lots of options in burgundy, blue, purple, and more. Though a bold pair of glasses isn't for everyone, consider getting a colorful pair of reading glasses or prescription sunglasses. You'll have your understated pair for everyday, and your extra pair for fun occasions.

Rims and stems that don't match are in right now. Consider a pair of glasses with tortoiseshell plastic rims and monochromatic stems. This frame style is perfect for emphasizing your eyes and eyebrows. Like many designers, Nine West releases new products seasonally. Check back in six months to see the new frames Nine West has come out with.

A pair of glasses is one of the first things people see when they look at you. The frames you wear emphasize parts of your face and offer clues about your personality. Choose an attractive pair of frames that fit comfortably, correct your vision, and look great with whatever you're wearing. You'll feel confident walking out into the world wearing Nine West eyewear.

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