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Glasses are a major part of life for many people around the world. Despite the sheer volume of eyeglasses available, finding that perfect look and fit can be quite difficult. Start by choosing an eyewear line with great style and quality. If you're into a modern twist on vintage looks, Seraphin by OGI Eyewear is the eyeglasses line you need to explore. The Eye Doctor’s office and Eye Gallery in Dallas carries these attractive frames, so head to our showroom and try on some great new eyewear designs.

Look Chic in Seraphin

seraphin eyewear sophistication

The Seraphin line is modern and elegant. The latest trends blend with vintage inspiration to create eyewear that will look good for years to come. Style is the aim with Seraphin, since many frames today are unisex there is no need to get bogged down with whether glasses are masculine or feminine instead focus on how the styles fit your face and your fashion choices. Expect high-quality materials in a variety of hues and shapes when you shop Seraphin frames.

Make Your Glasses a True Accessory

Too many people think of glasses as functional only. We understand, because the first order of business with any pair of glasses is to, of course, correct your vision. If you wear glasses every day, they become part of your personal style and social trademark. Eyewear is an accessory just like a pair of your shoes. Make them an accessory .

Seraphin manages to be bold and understated at the same time. The Seraphin collection includes tortoiseshell frames with teal hints throughout the matrix of the frame, square frames to complement your strong jaw. Come to our Dallas Eye Gallery to try on Seraphin frames. Spend the time to find a pair that truly works with your face and acts as a statement accessory on top of being your vision correction.

Why We Love OGI

OGI, Seraphin's creators, began as a boutique eyewear company in Minnesota. Though the company is now internationally recognized, OGI remains truthful to its vision of offering quality, innovative eyewear. The Seraphin line is one fabulous example of OGI's boutique beginnings, as every frame is clearly crafted with attention and style in mind. OGI frames last, offering you a great value and peace of mind. Why settle for function only when shopping for eyeglasses? A great pair of glasses can change the way people see you. The right look will highlight your bone structure, bring out certain colors in your eyes, and emphasize your personal fashion. Take a look through OGI's Seraphin collection for a wide array of classic yet modern pairs that will make you feel gorgeous.

Do you love Oakley? We certainly do, which is why The Eye Doctor carries Oakley's collection of eyewear. Glasses that fit well are an essential. Going through the day with a pair of uncomfortable frames is no fun at all. Oakley frames are light weight and form fitted to stay in adjustment resulting in comfort and optimal vision. We welcome you to visit our optical showroom to try on, feel and experience Oakley’s fashion and comfort at the Eye Doctor in Dallas.

Oakley Frames, Sunglasses, and Sport Eyewear Galore

oakley eyewear dallas

Image via Flickr by gomattolson

You've definitely seen a gorgeous pair of Oakley sunglasses before. But Oakley's line of eyewear expands far beyond sunglasses. From this quality, fashionable designer you can buy regular glasses and sports eye protection, too. Oakley's reputation for quality is well-deserved, because this is a brand that works with emerging technology to give you the comfort and vision correction throughout the day. From regular day to day eye wear to sunglasses and sports designs Oakley has it all!

With both Oakley sunglasses you get 100% UVA and UVB protection and that keeps your eyes healthy. UV rays are dangerous and can cause eye diseases like cataract, macular degeneration and eye cancer. Damage builds up slowly and painlessly over the years giving you no warning to what UV rays are doing to the health of your eyes. Oakley Plutonite changeable lenses that go from light inside to dark outdoors gives you 100 percent UV protection, even when they're clear.

A Great Fit Is Guaranteed With Oakley

People love Oakley because the frames feel great let alone the compliments they get from friends. Precision fit starts with TruBridge Technology, Oakley's adjustable eyewear bridge. Get glasses that perfectly fit the bridge of your nose in any Oakley style you discover. Too often, you have to pass by a great pair of glasses because they don't fit comfortably or they dig into your nose. Find a pair of Oakley glasses you love in our Dallas Eye Gallery , and we'll change out the nose pads until we discover the perfect TruBridge fit for you!With four bridge fit options, Oakley has you covered.

Never Forget Why You Need Sport Eyewear

If you play sports, even if it's for fun, you need to protect your eyes . One accident on the field, the track, or the court could damage your vision forever. If you ski or snowboard, you probably already know how important sport eyewear is. But what about for baseball, basketball, and golf? Oakley has a range of sport eyewear designed specifically for the sport you play. UV protection and physical eye protection come together to ensure you have a safe time while engaging in your favorite activities. Because Oakley takes so much time ensuring a comfortable fit, you'll barely notice you have anything on your face at all.

You only get one set of eyes, so protect them from UV rays and possible damage with Oakley frames. The perfect fit is here in The Eye Doctor’s Office & Eye Gallery eyewear showroom waiting for you. Look through a large selection of attractive frames and get assistance from eye our Opticians who are “Eyecare Pros’ to find the best frame style and fit for you.

We care about your eyes, and even though we may only see you once a year, we want you to have the tools for year-round protection. Ultra Violet (UV) damage is serious business when it comes to the eyes. Think of what a day in the sun can do to your skin, and then imagine what years of naked eye sun exposure might do. The right sunglass lens protection will keep your eyes safe from damage so they'll last you as long as possible.

UV Damage Is No Joke

UV damage gets more serious. Cataracts and macular degeneration are results of too much UV exposure. If you squint into the sun for years of your youth, you're quite likely to develop one of these conditions in later years. While we can treat both conditions, neither is completely curable. If you develop serious cataracts then chances are you will need to have cataract surgery and have to have an artificial lens implanted in your eye. Macular degeneration that is sun related for the most part is not treatable.

A cosmetic effect to the eyeball is a condition called photokeratitis. Basically that means your sunburn your eyes they get red, feel gritty, and you are light sensitive. The front of your eye like a fried egg gets fried! The effects of photokeratitis aren't permanent. Though it's scary at the time, it usually does not cause long-term damage. Be sensible wear good quality prescription if needed or non prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes like you use SPF creams to protect your skin.

What You Need From Eye Protection

Two types of UV rays are harmful to the human eye: UV-A and UV-B. A quality pair of sunglasses will absorb from 99-100% UV-A and UV-B, nothing less. Inexpensive sunglasses might have a dark lens, make you feel comfortable but behind that lens the pupil (opening of your eye) gets larger and since those lenses chances are do not absorb adequate UV-A and UV-B then you are actually getting more UV in to your eyes then if you didn’t wear any sunglasses at all!

If you have any questions about your eyes and sun damage, ask The Eye Doctor at your next appointment. To get sunglasses with proper UV protection, head to our Eye Gallery. We'll help you find the right pair to protect your eyes.

Glasses are often the first thing people notice about you since they sit in the center of your face and frame your eyes. Your glasses assist your vision, but they're also an accessory you should take advantage of. An attractive pair of glasses highlights your favorite features and shows off your unique sense of style. Take the opportunity to make a statement with Kio Yamato frames available exclusively in our Dallas eye gallery .

What Is the Kio Yamato Brand?

Kio Yamato Mens Eyeglasses 
Image via Kio Yamato

The Kio Yamato eyewear brand offers a niche option for customers seeking sophistication and luxury. Designs focus on minimalism and timelessness, so you can show off classic frames that won't go out of style. Collections of sunglasses and regular glasses feature elegant designs with modern twists. Color options and frame designs stand out enough to turn heads but won't overwhelm your personal aesthetic. You deserve a pair of glasses that complements your face and your personality.

In Japanese, kio means "pure and clean." The designer interprets this word in the elegant lines of its eyeglasses. Yamato is an ancient province of Japan. Its translation is "the Great Peace." Its architectural majesty serves as inspiration.

Why Wear Kio Yamato?

Kio Yamato eyewear 
Image via Kio Yamato

This brand designs its eyewear with extreme attention to detail. Technical excellence meets attractive design to craft comfortable eyeglasses that last, and superior materials are part of this equation. Kio Yamato has led the eyewear industry with its use of titanium in eyeglass frames. Other metals and acetates come together through hundreds of steps in hand-made processes.

When you pick up a pair of Kio Yamato glasses in our showroom, pay special attention to the temple and the hinge. Kio Yamato has innovated hinge design, often offering new subtleties that are the first of their kind in the industry. These small details contribute both to the wearer's comfort and each frame's durability. They stand out among other eyeglasses for approaching a common theme in a unique way.

About the Collection

Each Kio Yamato frame has a name, and though some of those names are male or female, the frames themselves are understated and elegant enough to be unisex. As you look through the offerings, you'll find lines and curves that look more masculine or feminine, but that shouldn't push you into a box. Try on the frames you love to find which are most striking on your face.

Many of the Kio Yamato frames are black, but if you crave colors and patterns, you'll find those choices, too. Gold and silver wire frames grace the collection as well and often come with color and black accents. Some favorite throwback designs include winged glasses and circular lenses, updated for today's wearer.

Eyeglasses are one of the first things people notice about you, so request an appointment to visit our showroom to try on Kio Yamato frames so you can make a real statement. You deserve a pair of glasses that look good and last long, that will accentuate the beauty in your eyes, and sit well with your facial structure. Best of all, this luxury brand is sure to give you a bright smile every time you put them on.

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