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Buying glasses is unlike buying any other accessory. You need them to perform two functions: correcting your vision and flattering your face. Finding the perfect frames that achieve both these goals can be quite difficult. Though frames can be a fashion accessory, you need them to match lots of outfits because you'll wear them every day. Nine West is a quality eyewear designer women depend on when they need eyeglasses. Because Nine West has been designing for women for almost 40 years, be confident that this brand knows how to flatter a woman's face with a simple pair of frames.

Choose Nine West for Fashionable Frames

Nine West has been in the fashion business since the 1970s . Beginning in New York City, the Nine West brand has grown to cover 65 countries. Nine West is known for women's fashion, including handbags, shoes, watches, scarves, and eyeglasses. Hallmarks of Nine West fashion include timelessness and femininity, making this brand a perfect match for women who need glasses that match many outfits, glasses for professional settings, and glasses to wear only when contacts aren't an option.

Shop for glasses by Nine West the way you look for dresses, scarves, or handbags. Try out different styles at The Eye Gallery until you find frames that suit your face. Then browse the color options. As a major world designer, Nine West almost always provides color options in eyeglass frames, the same way the brand offers multiple colors in shoes, handbags, and garments.

Go Classic or Modern, Loud or Understated

Though Nine West is known for being classic and feminine, you will find many style options when you view the Nine West Collection. From modern square shapes to retro cat-eyes, explore frame styles and lens sizes to find what suits your face. you might be surprised to discover that your apple cheeks look great paired with "geeky" frames , or that your baby blues are perfect behind a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles.

Tortoiseshell and black are color staples in the Nine West collection, yet you'll find lots of options in burgundy, blue, purple, and more. Though a bold pair of glasses isn't for everyone, consider getting a colorful pair of reading glasses or prescription sunglasses. You'll have your understated pair for everyday, and your extra pair for fun occasions.

Rims and stems that don't match are in right now. Consider a pair of glasses with tortoiseshell plastic rims and monochromatic stems. This frame style is perfect for emphasizing your eyes and eyebrows. Like many designers, Nine West releases new products seasonally. Check back in six months to see the new frames Nine West has come out with.

A pair of glasses is one of the first things people see when they look at you. The frames you wear emphasize parts of your face and offer clues about your personality. Choose an attractive pair of frames that fit comfortably, correct your vision, and look great with whatever you're wearing. You'll feel confident walking out into the world wearing Nine West eyewear.

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In many instances our onsite laboratory allows us to make your eyeglasses the same day you placed your order. In some cases we can make your eyewear in one hour if there is an emergency. This service is not available for every prescription. Imagine getting your eye health and vision checked, choosing a frame from our unique collections in our showroom and then getting your eyeglasses the same day?

Find the Perfect Frames and Have Them the Same Day

Same Day Eyeglasses Dallas

You're probably used to finding the perfect set of frames and having to return to the eyewear shop a week later to pick them up. That's because typical eyewear offices have to send the glasses out to have the lenses created offsite. The Eye Doctor has an onsite laboratory where in many cases we can craft your lenses the same day you visit us.

We Make Your Lenses in Our Lab

Making lenses for glasses is a fascinating process. Lenses used to be made of glass, but today you can choose other materials like plastic, high index, and polycarbonate. Each kind of lens has its own benefits, and we can discuss in detail which lenses are right for your needs.

We have state-of-the-art equipment that grinds your glasses' lenses to the correct shape. After we test your vision, we then grind your lenses to the exact prescription, including correcting for astigmatism and other vision issues. The result is a pair of glasses with lenses that are meant for you and nobody else.

Which Lenses Should You Choose?

  • Plastic lenses don’t shatter nearly as easily as glass lenses, and they don't weigh as much, either. However, plastic is more susceptible to scratching than glass is.
  • Polycarbonate is very resistant to shattering if you happen to drop your glasses. Polycarbonate protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays. When a scratch resistant treatment is added they don’t scratch with proper lens handling. They are very lightweight and comfortable to wear, and many parents prefer polycarbonate for children's glasses.
  • High index lenses are thinner and good for high prescription powers they like polycarbonate options light weight. We can grind them so much thinner because high index material is compressed and are capable of bending light with less material.
  • Glass lenses, we don’t prescribe them because they are heavy and unsafe.

Come visit our Eye Gallery and look amongst the 1200 frames we have on display. While you wait, we have a wonderful lounge area with massage chairs, candy, and free beverages. Bring your headphones and some favorite music and relax while we expertly craft your eyewear with precision and accuracy.

Here at The Eye Doctor’s Office & Eye Gallery, we know that glasses work both to improve your vision and to complement your personal style. That's why we carry unique eyewear brands and give you the attention you need to find the right pair for you.

If you've never heard of Airlock frames before, you need to come see this exciting and versatile frame collection. The design options Airlock offers are unlike any other eyewear brand. The fit is unparalleled, and if you've been looking for a hard-to-find rimless style, chances are you can get that style with Airlock.

All About Airlock Frames

When you're ready to add to your visual wardrobe, take a look in our Dallas Eye Gallery at our Airlock frame collection. These designer frames are unique and can be customized making your personal design a one of a kind frame. Airlock frames are also light weight and once you try on a pair you will feel how comfortable they are.

Top eyewear maker Marchon crafts the Airlock line of frames. Marchon is known for producing glasses for well-known designers like Calvin Klein, Nike, and Lacoste. The same designer sensibility and upscale care that goes into these luxury brands go into each pair of Airlock frames.

Mix and Match Creates Truly Unique Styles

When you choose Airlock glasses, you create bespoke rimless frames that nobody else has. Start with the lens shape that fits your face perfectly. Airlock offers a wide variety of lens options, from traditional circles to modern squares to a lot of other shapes. If you want the shape of Texas we can do! Then, you pick the perfect bridge to fit on your nose comfortably, and finally the proper length of temples (side pieces) to fit over your ears.

There are so many frame colors available. Perhaps you gravitate toward subdued colors and traditional styles. Maybe you'd rather have something modern, with patterns in playful and bright colors. You can do all of these things with Airlock. Depending on how you mix and match all your eyewear components, you might mix some very unexpected style elements. Think about traditional with an edge or retro with a modern twist. These could be your frames.

Eyeglasses Crafted With Quality and Care

Airlock takes the sports angle when designing these rimless frames. Instead of using screws to hold the frames together, Airlock uses pressure instead. These glasses are made to last because the pressure design also means that your glasses have a smaller chance of sustaining damage or needing adjustments. Spending your money on a pair of Airlock frames is a sound investment in your vision.

The next time you visit us to get your eyes examined be sure to visit our Eye Gallery and our sample the Airlock frame collection. Your mix and match options are not limited to what is on display in our showroom. All you have to do is imagine the lens shape, the color of the frame and we can custom design and craft the perfect uniquely you Airlock frame.

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